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Jesse Schönau iOS Development

There are now 2 iPhone applications.

Fenton Growth Chart 2003

This app calculates percentage weight, height, and head circumference of neonates determined by week gestational age of neonate based on average values. Dr. Tanis Fenton, Ph.D. published this growth chart in ‘TR Fenton, BMC Pediatrics 2003, 3:13.’  You can find the original paper at this link


Fenton Growth Chart 2013

This Neonatal Growth Chart 2013 is an application intended for preterm infants born at <37 weeks gestational age and tracks them through 50 weeks gestational age corrected. It allows the user to enter the corrected weeks gestational age, weight, length, head circumference and then calculates the percentages and Z-Scores of those values based off “A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis To Revise The Fenton Growth Chart For Preterm Infants” published by Dr. Tanis Fenton and Dr. Jae Kim. “Fenton TR, Kim JH. BMC Pediatrics 2013;13:59.”